Guided Practices & Resources for Working with Anxiety

This guided meditation may help you to exchange the experience of living your life on “automatic pilot” for greater moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. It may help to prevent emotional crises in your life because it may provide you with the opportunity to intervene when you notice the presence of disturbing thoughts or emotions before they become unmanageable: Three-Minute Breathing Space

This guided meditation may help to condition your brain to notice and, then, let go of negative beliefs that would otherwise cause you become caught-up in a ruminating “spin cycle” of negative thinking and negative emotions: Viewing Thoughts as Thoughts

This guided practice is designed to help you calm down by activating the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) nervous system when you have been triggered by something in your mind and/or within your environment: Six-Count Breath

This guided practice may help you to identify what sensations are happening in the body at any moment. Because the physical body communicates emotions needs through sensations, it may aid you in enhancing your self-care and improving your overall self-awareness: 5-Minute Body Scan

This guided meditation is designed to enhance your ability to pause when you are experiencing an urge to engage in any type of behavior that you would like to change. This pause may help you to recognize the choices you have to take better care of yourself instead of compulsively engaging in the old behavior: Sober Breathing Space